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Grandmother Lived in the Xiangshui Village

Titre en français : Grand-mère vit dans le village parfumé
Auteur : Su Zhen, Fang


Nombre de pages : 40
Éditeur : China Children's Publishing House
Date d'édition : 2014-10

prix TTC :
14,00 €

Xiaole’s grandma who lived in the Perfume Village was ill. He came back to see his grandma along with his mother. They sat in the sun, had afternoon tea and recalled the past. Later, the grandma moved from the Perfume Village to Heaven. Xiaole’s mother often looked to the sky and shed tears. Xiaole used his innocence to help his mother get though each day, one at a time. For example, when they saw sunset while walking, Xiaole would say that it was the fried egg of grandma in Heaven. When it was raining, Xiaole would say that it was grandma washing her clothes in Heaven. At last, Xiaole thought about something important. He told his mother, “Mom, please do not have afternoon tea with grandma. Please do it here with me!”