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The Adventures of John Blake : Mystery of the Ghost Ship

Titre en français : Les aventures de John Blake : le mystères du bateau-fantôme
Auteur : Pullman, Philip
Illustrateur : Fordham, Fred

Nombre de pages : 160
Dimensions : 23.5 x 1.8 x 18.3 cm
Éditeur : David Fickling Books
Date d'édition : 2018-06

prix TTC :
19,95 €

En haute mer, caché par le brouillard, le Mary Alice et tout son équipage voguent à la recherche du chemin pour rentrer chez eux. Mais le bateau mystérieux est chassé par un bandit qui ne reculera devant rien pour mettre la main dessus.

Far out at sea, and hidden by the fog of time, sails the Mary Alice and her crew - searching for a way home. But the mysterious ship is being hunted by a villain who will go to ANY lengths to track her down ...When a storm hits a small family yacht throwing a young girl overboard, John Blake dives in to save her and brings her aboard the so-called ghost ship. But trying to return her to her own time means going back to the one place where they run the greatest risk of being completely annihilated. Join Philip Pullman's John Blake and the crew of the Mary Alice in an unforgettable time-travelling adventure on the high seas. With art by Fred Fordham.