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Firefly French-English Visual Dictionary

Auteur : Jourist, Igor


Nombre de pages : 800
Dimensions : 19,3 x 15,8 x 5,1 cm
Éditeur : Firefly Books
Date d'édition : 2015-11

prix TTC :
29,95 €

With thousands of vivid illustrations--each one labeled in detail--the Firefly French-English Visual Dictionary is the ultimate reference guide to the world around us. Well-researched terms in both English and French cover everyday objects and highly specialized equipment across 14 subject areas. Readers can learn about every part of a car, a sewing machine, a telescope, a football field and thousands of other things.

Packed with accurate illustrations and bilingual terminology, the Firefly French-English Visual Dictionary will appeal to students, language learners, travelers, businesspeople, community workers, or those who simply wish to browse through the beautiful illustrations.